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By Registering your Company and Product List, you can:

  • Track Downstream Emission Reductions
    Register your products and use our database to track the emission reductions they acheive.
  • Target product offerings to a country or region
    For example, if you have a different product list for certain countries, that list will only display to users who log in from that country.
  • RE Professionals can search your product list on-line
    Your company profile, product list, and advertisements can reach a global audience interested in Renewable Energy.
  • Send Product List today!
    Sending your product list to us in an Excel, Access or other database format will help us build a better registration page. Later, you will be provided with a portal to maintain and update your own listings. Please provide information in the following format:
    ST Example:
    • Manufacturer
    • Model
    • Glazing No.
    • Glazing Type
    • Absorber Material
    • Absorber Coating
    • Gross Area
    • Btu/Day
    • Btu/ft2
    • Certifying Facility

Not sure what kind of information to submit? Email Mark !
Benefits of Registering your Company Profile

Keep Track of Your Customers
Register your customers and use our database to keep track of them.
Earn Up to 10% Commission
Earn up to 10% in ERC's for each system you register.
Increase Your Sales
Consumers in your service area can locate you using our searchable database.
Know Your Competitors
Our database allows you to search your competitors by specific criteria.
FREE Advertising
Create a company profile that includes service information and links to your website.
Discounts in CarbonTown
Lower rates in CarbonTown, our virtual city for service providers to the carbon industry.