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Entering the 21st Century
RI/101 English
September 1990

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Operating at carbon zero is very cost effective in many industry sectors, particularly if energy outlays are between 3~5% of overhead. If you are interested in offsetting office or company greenhouse gas emissions, call us.

We'll set you up with an affordable 10 year plan, emission reduction credits that appreciate in value (a good investment!), and the proper marketing tools that allow you to spell out one more reason why clients should be doing business with you instead of the other guys

Take for example "green packages." Clients receive shipments overnight, second day, or ground. In each case, for 2.7 extra, the green label gets it there emissions free.



Client: Shin Idemitsu Sekiyu, KK
Project type: carbon sequestration
Volume: 832 000 tC/year
Cost: 0,34 per liter

Description: Harvest carbon emissions from distributed petroleum products in afforestation and reforestation projects
Concept: Green Fuel; a marketing based product where gasoline is advertised as "carbon zero" and careful attention is paid to explaining the carbon cycle from fuel to trees through billboards, ads, handouts, etc.
Status: not active

Story: This was our first work in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. CO2 source: 1224 Ml, or 7.2 million barrels of gasoline/diesel distributed yearly through company wide SS (service station) sales
In the fall of 1990, we approached the president of Shin Idemitsu with a proposal to harvest all of the carbon dioxide his oil distribution network handled on 52,000 hectares of tropical forests at a mere cost increase to the consumer of 0.34 yen per liter.
We thought the planting and sequestration campaign was a tremendous asset in marketing his brand of fuel, and a great complement to the corporate image of an energy provider gearing up for the 21st century.
In 1990, competition was minor in the Japan market place. Rather, this sector was well protected and amazingly price stable. Distributors competed not on price but on level of service and SS location. 

Shin Idemitsu's president, explained that "green fuel" could upset existing relationships with others. Almost as if such a campaign might slight their brands. Alas. The project was later shopped at IPI, BP & Shell with a VISA twist.
In 2003, things are different. Climate change is a household reality, and because of the Kyoto Protocol, reducing carbon emissions has become financially attractive. Not only can you save up emission reduction credits, like an investment, you can also exchange them for cash.

This opens up many areas where CO2 can be neutralized and the participants rewarded financially. If you'd like to initiate such a scheme in a commercial application, call us.

Would you like to offer carbon zero fuel at your service station ? Sign up and we'll let you know how we can make that happen !


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