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Carbon Database

Annex I Parties
Index of all Annex I countries by name and 2-letter ISO country code

Country Contacts
National Focal points, indexed by 2-letter ISO country code

CO2 Reduction Planner
This calculator estimates the time and cost required to phase out CO2 production of a country

CO2 Formulas
Formulas to convert CO2 to volume

CO2 by Population
Per capita CO2 production figures taken from 1995 fuel consumption figures

Vehicle Consumption Data
EPA vehicle MPG data for 1986-2000

Vehicle Emission Data
EPA vehicle CO2 emissions data for 1986-2000

Measurement Conversion Tables
General conversion factors for distance, weight, etc.

JavaScript Calculators

Dollars per Tonne CO2 to Cents per Unit of Fuel Type
Tonne CO2 to Quantity of Fuel Type
Tonne CO2 to Volume Converter

Tonne CO2 to Object Converter
Annual Tonne CO2 for Household Items
Annual Tonne CO2 for Household Energy Consumption