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Value Statement

14,000 years ago, man walked out of his cave, not because he thought it was a great idea, but because the climate permitted him to. He walked out of his cave, where he found a bounty of plants, grains, fruits, fish and game he could cultivate and stalk at his leisure.

Man settled on the plains, near rivers, along the coast, built communities out of mud, developed a society, shared a culture and traded with others. All the while, he did not pay for the air he breathed, the water that fell out of the sky, that kindly replenished the soil, which grew the tree that bore the fruit, and filled the well. He did not pay for spring to come, the flowers to bloom, the warm summer rays and clear autumn skies.

Man shared his life with millions of friends, many small and unnamed, each taking and giving, building up and breaking down, one beautiful form changing into another. Five thousand ago he built the pyramids, and 400 years ago, rejoined his cousins in the new world. Today he flies around in space, all the while still not having paid for the soil to be moist, the ocean to be calm and the winds to be fair.

We have managed to create a $37 trillion a year society in the womb of a stable climate. This relationship is about to change. The value of the climate system in which we act out our lives must be infinitely greater than 10 cents/kWh or $37 trillion/yr, considering it has allowed all of man, all the animals, all the plants, all the fish and all the trees to flourish for thousands of years, and surely we hope, for thousands more years to come.
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