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RE Professional

As an RE Professional, you have invested in the future of Renewable Energy resources. The systems you have installed may qualify for Emission Reduction Credits (ERC's).

The RE Professional section allows the registration of a company that sells, installs, and/or maintains RE systems. Registration creates a company profile that can be searched by people interested in obtaining RE systems. A company with registered systems receives a percentage of the systems' ERC's. Before credits can be sold or traded, they must be activated (see Activation Details link below).

Make your contribution count!

Steps to register as an RE Professional
1   Open an Account
2   Register Company
3   Send advertisements for display
4   Sign up RE systems you have installed
5   Receive % of ERC's as commission (see      Activation Details link below)

Steps to activate credits
1   Owner pays activation fee; submits signed      documentation
2   System verified by RE Professional
3   ERC's activated in account
4   ERC's can be banked, retired, or sold through      the ICBE, ClimateSafe or CarbonExchange
Registration is FREE !
Estimate income potential using ERC calculator.
Activation Details