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Registration does not guarantee a financial return of any kind.  Currently, movement is underway on national and international levels to recognize renewable energy systems in the role they play in reducing emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG's).  It may be that Renewable Energy systems qualify for some kind of benefit over the next few years.  There is no assurance that this will take place.  At this point, it is unclear how each country will deal with this individually, or how this may play out internationally.  We anticipate that persons who have properly documented their systems will be ready to claim benefits when an international trading system is agreed upon.  At this point in time, registration of your system is the extent of this ICBE service.

The ICBE is aware that the framework of the Kyoto Protocol and the guidelines, modalities, and procedures are under development and that our own procedures may have to change to reflect requirements as they evolve, as well as requirements of national laws.  The ICBE is a for-profit private firm that operates with the goal to provide superior documentation and monitoring services that make ERC's from RE systems possible, credible, and valuable in the market place.  The ICBE works with experts to formulate registration criteria, evaluate collected data, and turn Emission Reductions from RE systems into credits in an internationally recognized format.  As issuer of the credits, the ICBE stands by their validity.