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System Owners

Registration and activation are currently open to PV, ST, MH, and WT systems.
Biomass, Geo-Thermal, fuel cells and others will be included in the future.
Registration is FREE!!
Accreditation Level
Level 0, 1, and 2 may upgrade at any time
Activation fee
One-time, pd by System Owner
% of ERC's
% of ERC's
% of ERC's
System Owner
% of ERC's
L0 $0 0 0 0 0
60 Monitored    
50 Unmonitored
L2 $500 5
75 Monitored    
70 Unmonitored
L3 $5,000 5 5 5 85
 *May vary with project risk level, etc.   *May vary due to line losses, etc.   *May vary due to project size, etc.
Example: A 10 kW PV system (US) achieves 12 tons of CO2 reductions per year.
Accreditation Level
System Owner
Level 1 Monitored 0.6 1.2 3.0 7.2
Level 2 Monitored 0.6 0.6 1.8 9.0

Accreditation Levels Definition of Terms Activation of RE Systems

Level 0 registrations receive a registration number. Participants can upgrade to a higher level at any time.

Level 1 registrations are cost effective for domestic hot water systems, small PV systems, and for other small-size RE systems.

Level 2 registrations are cost effective for medium-size systems; Hospital hot water boiler, PV systems 10kW and larger

Level 3 registrations are best suited for large-scale RE applications, i.e. commercial wind farms, etc.

Accreditation = Review of all documentation by ICBE and declaration of credits into an account

Activation = Verification by RE professional and accreditation by ICBE

Activation Fee = the cost of activating RE system credits

Calibrate = the process of adjusting assumptions until they match true performance

Discounts = compensates for uncertainties in emission production figures, telemetry, etc.

ERC = Emission Reduction Credit

Insurance = an ERC reserve that assures buyers of ERC supply against equipment failure, natural disaster, fraud, etc.

Monitored = A kWh, Amp Hour or other cumulative meter that logs energy production and time

RE Professional = The professional who verifies systems for the ICBE RE Database™.

Only active, energy producing systems can be submitted.

System owner guarantees that all system information is accurate at time of submission.

Timely notification to ICBE of changes in system energy production and ownership are part of regular account maintenance.

 Activation of Credits

Systems will be verified by RE Professional.

Additional verification fees may apply.

Activation fees are non-refundable.

After activation, system owners can use their account at ICBE to retire, bank, re-invest, or trade ERC's.

This ERC distribution formula will change over time with market conditions, changes in Insurance assesment, Discount assumptions, Fees, Commission structure, practical experience, obligations to local, state, and international laws, and other factors. The object is to provide the most accurate, efficient, and equitable CarbonExchange platform for buyers, brokers, and sellers in the marketplace.

About System Verification

Activation procedures for Level 1 Emissions Reductions:

Activation consists of 2 parts: System Verification and Emission Reduction Certification.

System verification can be performed by an RE Professional, an Independent Third Party (ITP), or other professional under contract with ICBE. Certification is done at the ICBE after reviewing system documentation and verification details, and comparing the system energy profile with location specific emission rates.

After all documents are collected and reviewed, and activation fees have been received, qualifying Emission Reductions become ERC's, and are activated in the system owner's account.

To qualify for Level 1 accreditation, the system owner must register the system, submit signed documents (which ICBE will send) along with proof of ownership (invoice/receipt will do in most cases), recent photographs and other informaton as described in the system registration form.

Verification is not included in the activation fee. The cost of verification varies per country, system location, system setup, and other factors. The ICBE facilitates verification through a network of providers that include RE Professionals, ITP's and other professionals.

Verification can take place right after installation when the professional is on the job site. This saves him or her a trip, and could be free of charge. If the professional has to come out to inspect the system, charges may apply.

When a group of registered systems in the same area can be verified on the same day, charges may be less than when the professional has to come out to inspect a single system. Below is a sample of (US) verification charges for residential ST & PV systems.

Location: Within a 30 mile radius of the RE Professional's home base
Verification: Single system (ST & PV)
Cost: $65

Location: Within a 30 mile radius of the RE Professional's home base
Verification: 5 systems (ST & PV)
Cost: $35 per system

So the cost goes down as the number of systems to be verified goes up.

Activation of credits for Levels 2 and 3:
     1. Site visit for verification billed to owner by RE professional
     2. RE professional sends signed documentation to ICBE, who then reviews it.
     3. Credits are activated to be sold OR retired. Insurance and Discount ERC's are held in reserve          accounts, and are not available for sale.

The standards for verification and verifiers are continually evolving. For current information and questions regarding verification, please call (USA) 352-367-1144.

PV = Photovoltaic ST = Solar Thermal MH = Microhydro WT = Wind Turbine t = Metric tonne